• Botanical Foam Wrap Soufflé
    with Green Tea and Calendula
    Botanical Foam Wrap Soufflé

    For light and long-lasting hold, this mousse is a hands-down favorite due to the incredible body, remarkable bounce and luxurious shine it adds to hair – perfect for wrap, weave and roller styles.  Formulated not just for hold but with the health of the scalp and hair in mind, our alcohol-free and artificial-color-free botanical formula leverages the power of Calendula and Green Tea to moisturize and repair dry scalp and hair.  This product will not flake or leave a waxy film on hair.  It will, however, hold hair softly and leave it silky and shiny smooth.

    Available in 8 fl. oz. retail size pump bottle and 32 fl. oz. professional size refill bottle.
    8 fl. oz. $14.50 Quantity:
  • Edge Define Hairline Smoother
    with Phyto Extracts
    Edge Define Hairline Smoother

    Go ahead – put your hair up in that ponytail or chignon!  We deliver the ultimate frizz-free control for sleeked-back hairlines and short tapered nape areas.  Hair lays down where it’s supposed to, without being weighed down.  This non-greasy, cutting-edge, alcohol-free formula lasts for days but washes out easily, with the power of Green Tea and Calendula to moisturize and protect the scalp and hair.  Breakage around the delicate hairline is reduced and edges are prevented from reverting.  It contains no artificial colors or fragrances, but instead will delight you with a lovely, light peppermint scent.

    Available in 4 oz. retail size jar.
    4 oz.$15.90 Quantity:
  • Herbal Conditioning Hairdress
    with Tea Tree Oil, Shea Butter and Carrot Oil
    Herbal Conditioning Hairdress

    This lightweight formula softens dry, frizzy hair without weighing it down, thanks to our very own blend of gentle yet potent botanicals and essential oils:  Tea Tree Oil to soothe the scalp and reduces itchiness and irritation, Shea Butter to lock in moisture, and antioxidant-rich Carrot Oil to further condition and refresh the scalp.  Lightly scented for aromatherapy, this product leaves no greasy build-up so hair stays smooth and free-flowing.

    Available in 7 oz. retail size jar.
    7 oz. $13.90 Quantity:
  • Shea-Coconut Light Moisturizing Crème
    with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Rice Bran Oil
    Shea-Coconut Light Moisturizing Crème

    Give your hair and scalp the loving, gentle care it needs with this amazing, daily-use oil moisturizer.  Our exclusive formulation utilizes Coconut Oil to penetrate the hair shaft and hydrate, Shea Butter to seal the cuticle layer for lasting moisturization, and Rice Bran Oil (which is naturally high in antioxidants) to condition and add sheen to tresses.  Hair becomes so astonishingly soft, shiny and free flowing, you’ll have to see it to believe it.  This product is also great for frizz-free styling of naturally curly hair, such as when flat ironing for smoothness or flex-rod setting for lots of curls.

    Available in 8 oz. retail size jar.
    8 oz.$17.90 Quantity:
  • Botanical Spritz and Shine
    with Green Tea and Calendula
    Botanical Spritz and Shine

    Looking for a soft- to medium-hold styling product, for maximum control and versatility?  Our spritz adds instant shine to your hair without wetting it, and it dries quickly without flaking and build-up.  Natural herbal moisturizing conditioners protect the scalp and hair from heat styling, to leave hair touchably soft, smooth and movable.

    Available in 8 fl. oz. retail size spray bottle.
    8 fl. oz.$13.90 Quantity:
  • Botanical High Sheen Spray Laminate

    Developed by chemists and tested in salons, this spray provides high shine while guarding against humidity, damaging UV rays and heat styling.  Calendula and Green Tea work together to optimize the moisture levels of your scalp and hair, as the product seals hair cuticles and minimizes moisture loss.  This alcohol-free formula detangles hair easily and is perfect for both relaxed and natural hair.

    Available in 4 fl. oz. retail size bottle.
    4 fl. oz.$17.90 Quantity: